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About Garden Sheds


Whether single or double, sliding doors (shown left) cover a wide opening, while rolling to the side with ease. Hinge-hung swinging doors (shown right) are lighter, fit tighter, and don’t need as much wall space, but you’ll have to shovel when snow builds up in front of them. While most lawn equipment can fit through a 3-foot-wide doorway, allow 4 to 6 feet for a lawn tractor.


Building a shed from scratch (as shown) gives you control over the design, offering the chance to create a custom structure that stands out from the rest.
It feels good to say “I built that,” and doing the work yourself is a good way to save money and improve your skills. You can create a shed that echoes your house, and outfit the inside to your exact specs.


This simple, familiar style is formed by two equal roof planes sloping down on either side of a straight ridge. High-peaked roofs, like this one, offer more headroom and the possibility of extra overhead storage.


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